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The VDOE T/TAC at VCU is holding ongoing workshops/meetings to assist teachers of students with significant intellectual disabilities to learn, share, and design appropriate activities for their students.   

  • Do you teach students with intellectual disabilities?
  • Do you spend most of your day creating lessons because there is no curriculum designed for your students?
  • Do you have a desire to find out what other teachers are doing for students similar to yours?
  • Do you want to spend some time learning new strategies, creating activities and sharing with others?


Handouts and information from these workshops are posted below.  Click on the links to find handouts and activities from each workshop


Community of Learning for Teachers of Students with Intellectual Disabilities (2014-2015)


T/TAC Impact Survey for School Personnel-  We are collecting data from individuals we have worked with over a period of time to determine how T/TAC services have impacted educational practices.  Please complete the survey at the following link and tell us your story.




Literacy Framework


Literacy resources in VCU T/TAC library


Life Skills Curriculum Resources in VCU T/TAC library


Curriculum Matrices for Reading, Math and Science


 Math and Science Resources in the VCU T/TAC Library 


New! Math activities and materials available on T/TAC online


NEW!  Reading and Writing activities available on TTAC online-Updated Fall 2013


Four Blocks Book Study: Literacy and AAC Institute Implementation Ideas


Literacy Web Resources


Creating PowerPoint Books


Web Resources for Switch Accessible Activities


Literacy Across the Content Areas


Writing for Students with Intellectual Disabilities


Mission Possible:  Planning a Successful Life for Students with Intellectual Disabilities


Recommendations for Classrooms


Spotlight on Twilight


Instructional Resources for Science


Instructional Resources for History


Show Me the Data


Supported Employment

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