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Writing-Activities for the classroom

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Writing for Students with Intellectual Disabilities- wiki spot with lots of information and resources


Information from the 4 Blocks book club on 3/13/13


Want more information on Powerpoint Photo Album??

      We discovered how fast it is to create a book or import pictures for your students to write their own captions.  Start searching the internet for fun photos.   Here is a link for a how to do power point photo album and other ways to use power point. (Creating PowerPoint Books)


     Looking for the pictures that were loaded on the computer?? They were great!!  Look to the right------->

in the window that says navigator.  There are three folders with the pictures in each folder  (crazy cats, more cats, people).



Here is the handout for the ipad apps.  Writing apps for the iPad


The computer lab had the following programs:

      Classroom Suite:  http://www.intellitools.com/classroom-suite.html


      Pix Writer: http://www.suncastletech.com/

      Literacy Lab:http://www.mayer-johnson.com/literacy-lab/


Here is a list of on-line resources for writing:  Resources for writing


Writing Activities Used in the Classroom

  • How do you find time in the classroom?
    • Classroom dictionary (based on themes-Under Water/community/School)-Letter; Word; Sentence for each word. Could be used to select a topic  for writing
    • Writing name--using individual letters--on index cards; device; Alphabet flip chart; stamps;  
    • Journal time
    • Sentence cut apart and student puts it back together
    • Communication devices- with picture/letter board
    • Word Walls-personal contained in page protectors with a ring
    • Board with letters of students name and student selects the letters to spell name
    • Do a photo/image to generate writing ideas
    • Signing in and out daily or in/out of centers; Logging in/out of the computer 
    • Thematic Units--baggie of resources/activities/books all set in a mini lesson. Includes book, picture supports; word wall activities; 
    • Author's Chair--Students share with others their writing by reading it aloud and getting feedback.  Students record book on a device to be read aloud
    • Writing own books to take home based on a field trip or experience 
    • Using tools already in the general education classroom 
    • Favorite song lyrics--key words/themes 
    • Writing about jobs/careers--explore possibilities 
    • Make and sell dog treats--to be ordered.  Need to write orders/track/deliver 
    • Storybird and StoryJumper 


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