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Instructional Resources for Science

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Ynez Peterson from St. Mary's Hospital demonstrates the science fair they hold every year that demonstrates science experiments using a lot of assistive technology.  This video is from the ODU T/TAC



Loudoun County's AT website has great links to websites and resources to assist teachers and students with science.



VDOE has posted resources for the SOLs for Science and you might find them useful as you are teaching the Science ASOLs.



VDOE's Enchanced Scope and Sequence Lesson will be helpful when trying to teach the content, but also meet the diverse needs of your learners.  http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/science/2010/lesson_plans/index.shtml


T/TAC online has links to the curriculum framework for science, as well as the scope and sequence documents!



Favorite Teacher Blogs


Learn about two books that this teacher cannot live without when teaching science concepts to her elementary school students:



Another teacher blog for science



Science ideas from a technology support teacher



Help the young ones learn what the science tools should be used for---before they figure out the wrong ways to use them!



Teaching magnetism! Ideas for centers and includes downloadable signs and directions!



The first six weeks of science planning--great way to cover all of the general rules and information needed by the students before they start experimenting!



Mini unit for teaching living/non-living things



Angry birds come to life and teach kids science!



Click here to link to a bunch of  secondary science teacher bloggers













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